Collaboration shorts with rayn spooner. It is between roomwear and outerwear. The fabric is our original blurred fabric. We printed pattern on the cotton warp at first. After that, we weaved with the plain polyester weft. Then the pattern is blurred. The pattern is LAHAINA SAILOR which is signature pattern of reyn spooner. It has the flag, flower, bird, tree of Hawaii state.


・reyn spooner
Reyn felt the traditional Aloha shirts had too bold a print and wanted to improve upon the look and construction of the Aloha shirt. Reyn created enduring classics that paved the way for the Aloha shirt’s acceptance around the globe and earned Reyn Spooner the designation, “Brooks Brothers of the Pacific”. Reyn Spooner has grown from that first store in Hawaii—still located at Ala Moana Center—to a global presence with modern, high quality Aloha inspired apparel built on tradition and innovation. Reyn Spooner still focuses on that combination of relaxed “cool” island style with unique prints, fabric and quality tailoring.


柄はreyn spoonerの代表的な柄であるLAHAINA SAILOR。


reyn spooner

『reyn spooner』の歴史は、1956年にカリフォルニアとハワイで紳士服店を成功させた創業者レイン・マックフロー氏が、当時オアフ島ワイキキビーチでカスタムメイドのサーフトランクスを販売していたルース・スプーナー氏と出会ったところから始まります。2人はタッグを組み、1962年に"Ala Moana Shopping Center"にて、『reyn spooner』が誕生しました。
60年経った今でも常に新しいデザインを取り入れながら"HAWAIAN TRADITIONAL"のプライドと共にモノづくりを行っています。


material:COTTON 51% POLYESTER 49%

Garment measurements: 
M size:  WAIST 87cm      RISE 41cm     INSEAM 25.5cm     HEM WIDTH 35cm